SIJHL to Debut New Streaming Platform, SIJHL.TV

September 16, 2022


Today, the Superior International Junior Hockey League is announcing the imminent launch of its wholly owned and controlled broadcast platform which will be branded as SIJHL.TV.

The site will be the exclusive home for online viewing of all regular season and playoff SIJHL games, starting with the opening games scheduled for September 23rd.   The inaugural broadcast will feature the defending Bill Salonen Cup champion Red Lake Miners visiting the Wisconsin Lumberjacks at 7:05pm central time.

Of the move, SIJHL Commissioner Darrin Nicholas commented: “One thing that was really pushed to the forefront because of the indoor gathering restrictions brought on by the pandemic was how critical our streaming strategy was to the league.  It really is the link that allows league followers to stay connected with us, even if they couldn’t be in the rink.”

Nicholas continued: “The SIJHL decided to undertake a thorough review of our broadcast strategy, including a critical evaluation of the alternatives available to us.  And we now think that we can offer an enhanced experience to our viewers and that is what we are presently undertaking.”

Viewers should see enhancements right out of the gate with SIJHL.TV.  Streaming rates will be higher resulting in better-quality and sharper images, and easier navigation, but the platform is also looking to include some additional features that will give the users a more customizable experience.

But Nicholas said the changes won’t end there.

“The flexibility that will come with controlling our own platform will really allow the league to explore the boundaries of amateur hockey exposure.  While initial broadcasts will be games to subscribing customers, we will look to build out free content with league and team-specific video and audio content.  We’re still formulating a vision of that that might look like, but the possibilities are very, very exciting.”

To head up the project, the SIJHL tapped Trevor Gauthier to be its newly appointed Director, Video and Streaming.

No stranger to the SIJHL, Gauthier began working loosely with the Dryden GM Ice Dogs as far back as 2014 and has been producing live game broadcasts for the team since 2018.  During that time, he has unofficially become a resource to other league members when issues and challenges arise.  To take on the responsibility at the league level is a natural progression.

Gauthier is also the owner / operator of Blank Productions, based out of Dryden, ON.

Of the appointment, Gauthier commented: “This doesn’t mark a new beginning as much as it represents an exciting expansion on the relationship I already enjoyed within the SIJHL.  Overseeing this platform will be challenging but allow me to grow, and I look forward to developing this to be the gold-standard for amateur sporting broadcasts.”

Gauthier added: “I hope to bring SIJHL.TV beyond a live-streaming platform and utilize the the Blank Production team and emerging technology to enhance all aspects of SIJHL broadcasts.  We couldn’t be more exited at the possibilities.”

The finishing touches are being put on the platform as we speak and it is set to go live early next week.  In the meantime, those interested in subscribing can sign up for email notifications HERE to be alerted once the site is live.

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