The SIJHL’s Department of Player Safety (DOPS) oversees all on-ice incidents during SIJHL games.

First and foremost, the on-ice safety of our players and officials is paramount. The SIJHL DOPS proactively reviews video footage of any major or accumulation penalty assessed during a game to confirm that the appropriate penalty was assessed on the ice, and secondly to ensure that if supplemental discipline is required that it is consistently  applied.

Our goal is to ensure that players are constantly being educated to make in-game decisions with the protection of and respect for opponents and officials in top of consciousness.  Failing that, our officials are charged with identifying and making the appropriate call on the ice.

Whether or not a call was made on the ice, if a player safety  incident has the potential to warrant discipline to an individual player, the DOPS will review either proactively or as a result of a request from our member teams.  to determine whether there smeets to discuss whether or not it deserves a suspension, and if so, what the appropriate length would be.

Beyond disciplining players and coaches, a large focus of the DOPS is on education. In situations that result in the suspension of the player, our goal it not only to penalize, but to provide feedback on what could be done differently to prevent suspensions in the future.

Tod Plackner – SIJHL Director of Player Safety

In his role with the league, Plackner conducting infraction reviews, determining and communicating any supplemental discipline that is to be assessed.

Tod Plackner, SIJHL Director of Player Safety.

Additionally, Tod works closely with the SIJHL Referees in Chief, (Scott Wrigley for Canadian games, and Brett Klosowski for games played in the USA) to monitor, mentor and develop SIJHL on-ice officials.   Part of his mandate is also to maintain open communication with coaches across the league on all officiating inquiries.

Tod is no stranger to the officiating ranks in Minnesota, having donned the stripes for over 29 years as an official for USA Hockey generally at the NCAA, Minnesota High School and SIJHL levels.  He also serves on the Minnesota Hockey Officials Association (MHOA) as VP of the North, President of the Iron Range Hockey Officials Association and is a chartered ice hockey clinician for the Minnesota State High School Hockey League.

Tod and his family currently reside in Bovey, Minnesota.