Dryden, ON | The uniform history of your Dryden GM Ice Dogs is colourful and storied. Diehard fans of our team have bold memories of comeback seasons, underdog series and championship glory of years past. Our constant has always been navy, maroon, red and grey. Whether our look was based on a current NHL squad or something unique and daring, our boys have always turned heads when taking the ice, with skill, size, intensity and our design “ice”thetics.

Our warm up jerseys this season capture the history and glory of the previous twenty seasons of our pack. We are 20 Seasons Strong and are on a mission. To honour our tradition and to Bring. Bill. Home!
For the first half of the season, we go back to where it all started. The 2001-02 season was the birth of our league and our team. We skated to victory under the captaincy of Brian Rankin. When we take the ice to warmup for the first 13 home games of the season we wear the threads of those who captured the first ever Bill Salonen Cup Championship.

For the second half of the season, we throw back to the most historic campaign in our tenure. Our 2017-18 #dreamseason. The talent packed roster included Trey, G, Pavs, Hammy, Pitch, Woody, Stout and Bracks – captained by the icy stare of Trevor Kavanaugh. Bench boss Kurt Walsten navigated us to our second of back-to-back championship seasons and one of the most historic Dudley-Hewitt Cup runs in history. The community owned that season AND both championship runs. We all put Dryden on the map in the look and feel of that season.

For the second 13 home games of the season we warm up in the sweaters worn by us all. The sweaters that represent OUR community. The sweaters that made US the team to beat. With the halftone dot pattern and LA Kings inspired font, the “flying dog” logo sits proudly aloft signifying speed and leading the pack to victory.
All warmup jerseys will be available for purchase at points of the season from the merchandise hub in the lobby.