2013-2014 Transactions




Dryden 01/10/2014 Acquire ’94 G Joakim Jutras for ’94 D Mack Boyce
Minnesota 01/10/2014 Add ’95 F Ben Rauschnot
Fort Frances 01/10/2014 Acquite ’94 G Devin Tappenden from Burlington (OJHL) for PDF
Fort Frances 01/10/2014 Release ’93 G Ethan Wood
Drdyen 01/10/2014 Acquire ’93 F Brett Hester from La Toque (LHJAAAQ) for PDF
Dryden 01/10/2014 Acquire ’95 F Alex Hester from La Toque (LHJAAAQ) for PDF
Minnesota 01/09/2014 Acquire ’95 D T.J. Samec from Winkler (MJHL) for PDF
Thunder Bay 01/09/2014 Reassign F Keanu Adduon to Northern Hawks Jr. B
English River 01/09/2014 Acquire ’93 D Ryley Pace from Neepawa (MJHL)
Fort Frances 01/08/2014 Add ’95 F Cameron Jackson
Dryden 01/07/2014 Release ’95 D David Lamanna to Schomberg Juvenile
Fort Frances 01/07/2014 Re-acquire ’94 F Bryson Jasper from English River Miners for future considerations
Minnesota 01/06/2014 Add ’94 F Max Seiter
Fort Frances 01/06/2014 Acquire HC playing rights of ’95 F Ryan McQueen from Neepawa (MJHL) for future considerations
Fort Frances 01/03/2014 Trade HC playing rights of F Torrin Grange to Elliot Lake (NOJHL) for PDF
Dryden 01/02/2014 Add ’94 D Quentin McShane from Chilliwack Chiefs (BCHL)
Dryden 01/02/2014 Add ’94 F Nolan Kinney from Bridgewater Lumberjacks (MHL)
English River 12/09/2013 Release ’95 D Keifer Schaufler
Fort Frances 12/07/2013 Trade HC playing rights of ’94 F Jason Berube to Elliot Lake (NOJHL) for PDF
Fort Frances 12/07/2013 Trade ’93 D Billy Grillo to Sarnia (GOJHL) for PDF
Thunder Bay 12/01/2013 Release ’96 Thomas Kaszuba
Thunder Bay 12/01/2013 Release ’95 G Jordan Kelso
English River 12/01/2013 Release ’95 Jared Binguis
English River 12/01/2013 Acquired ’95 D Keifer Schaufler from La Ronge (SJHL)
English River 12/01/2013 Release ’93 F Peter Carlin
Dryden 12/01/2013 Trade ’95 F Mikko Keski-Pukkila to Nanaimo Buccaneers (VIJHL)
Dryden 12/01/2013 Trade ’94 G Robert Kopytek-MacKenzie to Orangeville Flyers (OJHL)
Dryden 12/01/2013 Release ’94 D Braedan Foote
Dryden 12/01/2013 Release ’94 D Patrick King
English River 11/29/2013 Acquire ’94 F Eric Masters from Elliot Lake (NOJHL)
English River 11/26/2013 Reassign ’95 G Eric Ouelette to Nigon Elks Jr. B
Dryden 11/18/2013 Acquire HC playing rights of ’94 F Adam Smith from Coquitlam (BCHL) for PDF
Dryden 11/02/2013 Trade HC playing rights of ’94 F Rory Court to Grand Prairie (AJHL) for PDF
Dryden 11/12/2013 Release ’93 F Drew Decker
Dryden 11/01/2013 Acquire HC playing rights of ’93 D Tim Kavanaugh from OCN Blizzard (MJHL)
Dryden 11/01/2013 Acquire HC playing rights of ’94 D Joel Warkentin from Elliot Lake (NOJHL)
Dryden 11/01/2013 Release ’93 F Casey Prange
English River 11/01/2013 Release ’94 Jason Neniska
English River 11/01/2013 Acquire ’94 F Richard Dartnell from Waywayseecappo (MJHL)
Dryden 10/28/1993 Trade ’94 D Josh Winter to Wisconsin Wilderness
English River 10/22/2013 Release F ’94 Josh Bennett
Dryden 10/22/2013 Add ’94 D Ryan Salazar from Brampton Bombers (GOJHL)
English River 10/17/2013 Trade ’95 D Nolan Spiess & ’95 F Jaryd Wiebe to Portage (MJHL) for HC Rights of ’95 F Colton Spicer
English River 10/17/2013 Trade HC playing rights of ’95 F Colton Spicer to Fort Frances Lakers for ’94 F Bryson Jasper & ’95 D Ben Smaha
English River 10/09/2013 Release ’95 D Neil Rice
Drdyen 10/08/2013 Trade ’93 F Jake Lobato to Wisconsin Wilderness
Dryden 10/03/2013 Add ’94 G Shayne Dietl from Palm Beach (EJHL)
English River 10/01/2013 Acquire ’93 F Paul Lamoureux from Winkler (MJHL)
English River 09/26/2013 Add ’93 D Spencer Johnston
Fort Frances 08/28/2013 Trade HC playing rights of ’94 D Simon Desrosiers to Grand Prairie (AJHL) for PDF
Fort Frances 08/19/2013 Re-sign ’94 F Kevin Kurm
Fort Frances 08/10/2013 Re-sign ’93 F Miles Nolan
Fort Frances 07/31/2013 Re-sign ’93 D Cody Wickstrom
Thunder Bay 07/28/2013 Name Jeremy Adduono Head Coach
Thunder Bay 07/28/2013 Name Colin Zulianello Assistant Coach
Fort Frances 07/25/2013 Re-sign ’93 F Patrick Sofer
Dryden 07/23/2013 Trade HC playing rights of ’93 F Chris Belhumeur to Pembroke (CCHL) for PDF
Fort Frances 07/22/2013 Re-sign ’96 F Hunter Leishman
Fort Frances 07/22/2013 Re-sign ’94 F Mason Meyer
Fort Frances 07/03/2013 Trade HC playing rights of ’94 G Talor Joseph, ’94 D Jon Carlson and ’95 F Colton Spicer to Portage Terriers (MJHL)
Dryden 07/03/2013 Sign ’95 D Cody Kaus from Kenora Thistles AAA Midget
Fort Frances 07/03/2013 Acquire Hockey Canada playing rights of ’93 forwards Bryce and Lyndon Lipinski and player development fee from Portage Terriers (MJHL)
Fort Frances 06/18/2013 Sign ’95 C Lucas DeBenedet from International Falls Broncos H.S.